„Small details fabricate big differences.”

With our expertise in various divisions and extended client portfolio, we advance to be the best in our field.

Through the International Financial Reporting and Independent Auditing Standards, our team of experienced professionals performs their work in regards to IFRS and independent auditing to fulfill the conditions of transparency and sustainability which are classified as the current global necessities.

With its unique focus to Aegean Region, Sun Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş. integrated its efforts to widen costumer network in Turkey and make business with countries US, England, Germany, Belgium, Israeli, Kirghizstan, Romania, Albania, Qatar and Egypt to improve its expertise and quality in the area of financial reporting, independent auditing and institution management.

To provide maximum efficiency to clients and premium services to procure quality audit within the international standards, the work of the audited client and their economic conditions should be communicated completely.

Our main audit services can be classified as followed:

• Independent Audit Services in accordance with the regulations of CMB (Capital Markets Board)

• Audit of the financial tables in accordance with the international standards such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the US (USGAAP)

International Financial Reporting Standards, known as IFRS are designed as the common global language for business affairs with the aim of comparing the financial statements all over the world.

According to Article 88 of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC), it is compulsory to comply with and apply Turkish Accounting Standards, accounting principles and accompanying interpretations while issuing separate and consolidated year-end financial statements.

You can find here our IFRS trainings during the legislation of the new TCC and relevant documents.

Please click here to obtain an offer for IFRS auditing services.

• Auditing on special topics

• Trainings/Workshops

Please click here to obtain an offer for auditing services.

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