Tax Certification, Revision

“Clarification in expression is the backbone of success.”

“Tax certification” is one of the main services of our public accountant services. Auditing and reporting of complete ratification stands for minimizing the errors in the case of examination process of Ministry of Finance.

Our main tax services can be classified as followed;

• Consultancy of VAT refund,

• Determination of paid capital,

• Reporting of tax-exempt income,

• “Capital increase” report,

• Reports in regard of other special purposes,

• Sending circulars regularly to our clients concerning tax issues and adapting proper tax strategies,

• Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A Consulting)

• Consulting on litigation in regards to tax issues,

• Legal Protection of taxpayer rights

By adapting to new terms and conditions in our ever changing modern world and using modern techniques, we believe in performing our best in regards to tax management which is an important element in business cost.

Please click here to obtain an offer in regard of our tax services.

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